• Finish Here: Certification Dives

Finish Here: Certification Dives

Open Water Certification Dives (part 3)  - 4 Dives, Over 2 days.

  • To complete your certification you must do 4 Openwatar Dives
  • Package Includes Scuba Rental Gear, Reg. $154.00 per weekend

Most Common Certification Locations:

  • San Carlos Beach Park in Monterey (The Breakwater)
  • Meeks Bay Resort, South Lake Tahoe 
  • Do on your vacation, or One of our Tropical Locations
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The Open Water Dives are where you apply the skills and knowledge from your academics and pool session. You meet your instructor at 9 am on Saturday morning and are usually done by about 2 pm. Your back on Sunday morning at 8 am to finish and are usually done by about 1 pm. 

Part 3: Open Water Dives (4 Dives done over 2 days) $100. For your Diving weekend, if you choose to rent, we offer a wet suit and scuba gear package for just $99. The best scenario of course, is to purchase your gear before your class and get used to it during class. The choice is yours.

Required Personal Gear: Scuba Quality Mask, Snorkel, Fins and Boots. We have a large selection and give student discounts. You will also need a Whistle and Surface Marker for your open water dives if finishing in California. Student receive a 10% discount.

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