...see what our students are saying!

Great Job--fast and easy. I learned a lot and am more comfortable in the water than I thought I was going to be. I'm ready for Cancun!


Both our Instructors were very effective with their team teaching. Both possess excellent communication skill. They are consistent and focused. They incorporated some humor and kept the class fun while stressing safety. I will take a course from either Instructor again and will recommend them to my friends.


Great experience! Patient and helpful. Keep the Instructor team together--excellent team teaching!


Great class--great! Really clear, easy and fun. Thanks for the patience!


You did excellent work with (student). I really appreciate the extra effort you gave. Your teaching style was excellent, easy to learn.


Great class! Clear, easy and fun!


I was very pleased with both instructors -- They were great at repeating things. They were positive and patient and continually reassured us that we would be okay. I was glade when we did not do a procedure correctly, they did have us repeat it. When we did repeat, they were not critical -- but did support us.

They made it a very enjoyable experience and helped take away any anxiety we had.

Thank you for a great experience!!


Both of the instructors were very helpful and supportive. One kept me from killing myself and gave me enough help and confidence to try the skill  again and do better. They both gave us the confidence to be able to do this on our own outside of a class situation and I look forward to continuing to learn.


As the one who seemed to need the most encouragement and assistance, I feel I got to see and experience, up-close, the care and expertise of the instructors (and the Dive Master trainee). All 3 were attentive.

As the classes progressed to more advance procedures I was able to be more confident. I was next to one instructor when his regulator failed. I saw his composure under this situation. I would go confidently on more dives with either instructor.

Though I needed help - I didn't feel coddled, just highly encouraged to finish the course. One instructor share some of his experiences with mask flooding which helped me through the full mask removal and replacement at depth. The other instructor was very good at leading the instruction and team. He also took the time to acknowledge my buddy and I for perseverance and for completing the class.


"My instructors greatly exceeded my expectations. Their constant support, reassurance and encouragement throughout the course of the weekend was a primary reason for my successful completion of the program. Each gave special attention to me in the obstacles I faced throughout the weekend. I truly could and would not have made it without them. Outstanding job!

The Dive Master was also instrumental in my successful completion. His statement of, 'we will get you through this.' became a source of great strength for me as I struggled through. He will make a great Instructor and a valuable addition to the PADI Dive Instructor team."


"I really enjoyed the 'team teaching' format. Both (Instructors) were great! Thanks for making it a comfortable and fun experience -- I was pretty nervous at first, but it just kept getting better."


"My (Instructor) was both knowledgeable, and patient. He presented the materials and instructions well and we were well prepared prior to each dive. He made sure we were comfortable with each skill, anticipated and answered all questions. I found him an excellent instructor and he is an asset to your staff. Thank you (Instructor and Pinnacles!"