Advanced Open Water Diver

aka: Adventures in Diving!



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This course is for Open Water Divers. Take the next step!

The Pinnacles Dive Center offers the Adventures In Diving class to help you advance your diving experience. Take it to the next level!


Every time we we have classes at the ocean is an opportunity for you to join us for a dive or two. Collect all 5 dives over time, or join us on a Channel Islands boat trip and do them all in one outing. Deep Diver and Underwater Navigator are required "core" dives, and then the remaining three dives are determined by location and availability. For example, to experience the Altitude Dive, the location dictates the availability, and a Night Dive...well, it's more fun at night! Now you can meet new people and explore all that diving has to offer...all under professional supervision.


5-Different Themes

No Test!

PINNACLES' Adventures In Diving program has something for everyone. This in-water, diver experience program includes five (5) of the following dives:
Altitude Diver Underwater Naturalist Deep Diver Underwater Navigator
Drift Diver Underwater Photographer Dive Propulsion Vehicle Wreck Diver
Dry Suit Diver AWARE Fish Identification Night Diver
Multilevel Diver Enriched Air NITROX Search and Recovery
Peak Performance Buoyancy Boat Diver Underwater Videographer

...So, what does PINNACLES' Adventures in Diving program offer you?

New experiences, new skills, lots of diving and thrilling adventures.

Course Fee: $295.00

Rental Equipment not included. Start today!


Upcoming 2017 Class dates:


Channel Islands Live aboard


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