Freediving Class


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Master the techniques of breath-hold diving

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Go deeper, stay longer,  get bigger abalone. Get your Free diver certification* and improve your skills.  This two-day course teaches you effortless water entry, pre and post-dive breathing techniques, safety guidelines that allow you to stride confidently into the ocean anywhere in the world, and countless other apnea related skills. Day one takes place in our 12 foot deep pool, and day two takes place in the ocean along our local Sonoma coast.

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 Pool Only (4 hours)  $169  call for dates
Pool and Ocean  $289  call for dates

Please call for upcoming free diving classes


*Certification required PADI online Free Diver course completion and achievement of ocean depth requirement.


Ocean and pool price includes certification card and weight belt rental


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875 Grant Ave. | Novato, CA 94945